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What’s Growing This Week

Horseradish Armoracia rusticana

Things are officially growing in my yard. I’m so excited. Winter seems so long and it takes forever for everything to start growing again.  I have finally gotten the garden in and am eagerly waiting for my seeds to sprout.  We have tomatoes, scallions, peppers, watermelon, green beans, cucumbers, lettuce and a variety of different […]

What’s Growing this Week

White money plant - Lunaria Biennis

I have decided to start a weekly post where I share what’s growing around our property every week. I thought it would be fun to look at what grows in my area (Vermont, zone 4) and what we use it for.  How many things I share each week will depend on what’s in bloom and […]

Preparing for Unemployment

Tips for preparing for unemployment

This post on preparing for unemployment has been sponsored Years ago, when Marty and I were first married, he lost his job when a local manufacturing plant downsized.  All of a sudden, the two income salary we were used to living on was cut in half. Sure, he received unemployment benefits but they are never […]

Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide Review

Prepper's Long-Term Survival Guide

Product provided. This post contains affiliate links. Marty and I have been preparing for emergencies for years. It’s something we think is very important and we try to make it a priority. While everyone (hopefully) knows the basics of food, water and shelter, there are things that you need for long term survival that you […]

Clarifying Your Goals to Find Focus

Clarifying your goals

This post has been brought to you by UNITY Lenses. Several years ago, when I left my full time government job, Marty and I had the goal of being more self sufficient and relying on others less for what we needed.  We started thinking about where our money was going and how many things we […]

How to Make a Bucket List – Homestead Style

How to make a bucket list - homestead style

I’ve seen a lot of bucket lists from friends and family.  Many of them have wishes like traveling to far off places, jumping out of an airplane or meeting famous people.  I’ve had a bucket list for a few years now but my bucket list doesn’t look anything like the ones that I’ve seen.   […]

Homemade Flu Remedies – Flu Survival Tea

Homemade flu remedies

It’s definitely cold and flu season here in Vermont.  Everyone we know seems to have the sniffles or some other form of the flu.  I don’t generally run for traditional medication every time I feel a bit off.  I believe that there are herbal remedies for most illnesses.  After all, our ancestors couldn’t run to […]

Bug Out Bag Essentials and Why You Need One

Bug Out Bag Essentials & Why you need one

This post contains affiliate links. My husband and I like to be prepared for emergencies. We’re what is referred to as “preppers.”  A prepper is someone who is preparing for severe weather, social or political unrest, or simply a job loss.  Preppers believe that becoming self reliant is one step toward being prepared for emergencies. […]

How to Repot Plants & Make a Centerpiece

How to repot plants

I love having indoor plants but I don’t always give them the attention they need.  Several of my houseplants need repotting.  They are too big for their current pots and there isn’t enough nutrition in the soil for them to be happy.  My houseplants are all in different rooms so I forget about them. I […]

Simple Bird Feeder to Make and Feeding Guide

Simple bird feeder to make & bird feeding guide

Marty and I love to watch the birds.  In the summer, we have lots of brightly colored songbirds at our feeders.  The yellow goldfinch and indigo bunting are a few of our favorites.  We also have Baltimore orioles and cardinals who visit our yard as well.  In the winter, all the brightly colored song birds […]