Help Plant Trees & Odwalla Goodness Package Giveaway

Help plant trees

I have received this same prize package to thank me for sharing this information and giveaway with you. All opinions are mine and mine alone. Living in rural Vermont, I love spending time enjoying nature.  We have have two acres of mostly wooded property and I cannot imagine living anywhere that didn’t allow me to […]

Nuts and Paleo Eating

Nuts and Paleo eating

This post on nuts and Paleo eating is brought to you by Fisher.   I am working with Fisher to share Chef Alex Guarnaschelli’s recipes and create my own original recipe using Fisher Nuts and tools they provided. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. Nuts […]

Empowering Women Together $75 Giveaway

Empowering Women Together

This post is sponsored by Empowering Women Together & Walmart. All opinions are mine and mine alone. You have seen me write many times about how much I love it when companies give back to communities.  Supporting those companies with our shopping dollars is one of the best ways that we show businesses what’s important […]

Home Organization Tips For Teens

Home organization tips for teens

This home organization tips post is brought to you by Fellowes.  All opinions are mine and mine alone. This post contains affiliate links. One of the areas of my home I have not yet tackled is my teenage son’s bedroom.  I’m honestly not looking forward to it.  My son is a collector.  He collects lots […]

Avocado Oil For Skin Care #AvocadoTwist

Avocado oil for skin care face mask

This Avocado Oil For Skin Care post is brought to you by One2One Network and Avocados from Mexico. All opinions stated are my own. Normally, when I hear the word avocado, I think about guacamole and a big slice of avocado on my sandwich for lunch.  While those are definitely great ways to enjoy avocado, there […]

Great Potluck Recipes

Great casserole recipes

I search for great potluck recipe several times a year to bring to events.  Sometimes the potluck dinner is through the kid’s school and sometimes it is at our church.  Either way I want to find great potluck recipes that everyone will love. There are a lot of great potluck recipes from salads to casseroles […]

Six Sister’s Stuff

Six Sister's Stuff

A few months ago, I stumbled across a blog called Six Sister’s Stuff.  The blog was created by six sisters who moved to different areas of the country.  They use the blog to stay in touch with each other and also to share family recipes and fun crafts. I found myself going back to their […]

Help Mattel Save The Bunny And Win

Save the Bunny

Easter is one of my favorite holidays.  For me, it means that spring is almost here in Vermont.  I start seeing green grass and flowers outside in the yard. My chickens start to get broody which means I dream of fuzzy yellow baby chicks.  The rabbits sneak out of the woods to nibble on the […]

Space Saving Kitchen Appliances

Space saving kitchen appliances

Space saving kitchen appliances are important when you have a small kitchen.  Our New England farmhouse was built in 1865 and the kitchen is quite small compared to many. There just wasn’t the need for as much room in the kitchen in 1865 as there is today. I’ve tried many space saving kitchen appliances and […]

Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes

slow cooker dessert recipes

I love slow cooker dessert recipes because I can start them earlier in the day and then forget about them. Dinner time is hectic enough without also worrying about getting a dessert on the table.  While I don’t serve dessert with every meal, I do a few times a week.  Using slow cooker dessert recipes […]