Relieve Tired Legs While Traveling

Relieve tired legs while traveling

I am a compensated 3M-sponsored blogger. Opinions are my own and additional products used int he project were selected by me. I don’t travel a lot. Most of the time, I am quite content to work at home on my blog posts and putter around in the garden.  Every now and then, for business, I […]

Easy Ways to Support Your Immune System

Easy ways to boost your immune system

Spring is here and that typically brings a renewed focus on staying healthy. I’m not sure why spring is the time that we focus on healthy choices but it is. One of the ways I’m working on staying healthy is by finding easy ways to support your immune system. Supporting my immune system means that I’ll be able […]

Tips for Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Tips for getting a good night's sleep #IWasSoTired

Disclosure: I have received information and materials from McNeil Consumer Healthcare, Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc., the makers of TYLENOL®. The opinions stated are my own. This is a sponsored post. Have I mentioned that getting a full eight hours of sleep just doesn’t happen in my life? I’m not sure when I stopped getting eight […]

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

Natural Ways to Relieve Stress

This month has literally been one of the worst that I’ve had in a long time. Between home repairs, a broken computer, my son getting in trouble at school and an upcoming business trip, I feel like my stress level couldn’t possibly get any higher without me exploding. I know these are all things that […]

Tips for Walking Alone

Tips for walking alone #walkoutwednesdays

I really enjoy walking as a way to exercise and a way to relax. Marty is disabled and not able to join my on my walks. The kids, at 17 and 21 are not really interested in walking with their mom. What that means is that I am generally walking by myself, and that’s OK. […]

What is Bulletproof Coffee?

What is Bulletproof Coffee #premiumbutter

I like to consider myself an unofficial expert on coffee. If it’s coffee in any form, I’ve probably tried it at least once or twice. Macchiatos, lattes, cappuccinos, frappuccinos. I love them all. When I first heard of bulletproof coffee, I was intrigued. I’d never heard of it before. Just what is bulletproof coffee? Most […]

Power Up for Spring Break – Citrus Protein Smoothie

Citrus Protein Smoothie - Taking care of others when you're sick

I was part of the Every day, care™ project with Whirlpool® as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars. #EveryDayCare I normally don’t need much to keep on going each day. Just give me a few cups of coffee and a little bit of quiet time each morning and I’m good to go.  I’m the […]

Ovarian Cancer Causes & the BRCA Gene

Ovarian cancer causes & BRCA

Healthy living is one of those things that I’m passionate about. I try to pay attention to the choices I make that impact my health. Some things like my weight and my fitness  level, I have a lot of control over. Some things like genetic diseases, I don’t. Ovarian cancer causes have been shown to […]

Stay Motivated to Exercise & Walk Out

Stay motivated to exercise & walk out

This has been a really crazy week for me and I admit that exercise has been at the bottom of the list of things I am motivated to do. Everyone is sick. I am super busy at work. The house is starting to look like a hurricane blew through. I need a break and some […]

Ways to Deal with Stress Naturally

Ways to deal with stress naturally #StressLess2BmyBest #CG

Stress. That thing we all have and don’t want. We may all be stressed about different things but chances are we’re still stressed. Maybe it’s the kids, husband, finances, the car won’t start or the job you don’t like. Either way, there are ways to deal with stress naturally that are really working for me […]