17 Reasons You Should Be Talking About Domestic Abuse

This post about domestic abuse facts is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/HopeLine® from Verizon. When I was 18 and newly married, I was walking past our local library when I saw something that literally changed my life. There was a man standing over a woman who was laying on the ground and he was hitting […]

Feminine Health After Forty

This post is sponsored by Lubrigyn, a new way to keep moisture where it belongs. All opinions are my own! It seems like once I turned forty, everything changed. I have a few more grey hairs, a few more wrinkles, and my skin is drier. My back aches when I wake up in the morning, […]

Healthy Pre Game Routine

Sponsored post by Lunchbox. #GetGameReady We all want to do our best in our fitness routines. Whether your game is running, football, soccer, or wrestling, beginning with a healthy pre game routine determines how successful you’ll be. While your specific healthy pre game routine will vary a bit depending on what sport or activity you’re […]

Foods That Help You Absorb Calcium

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Centrum®. I received compensation for this post. While all opinions stated are my own, I make no claims about Centrum® as a product or its effectiveness. #CentrumVitaMints #ad As I get closer to 50, I start to worry more about my calcium levels. Typically, as women […]

8 Tips for Healthy Hair

The last time I got together with my Mom, we were talking about how my sister and I took after different people in our family. Evidently, my sister has my Mother’s thick hair hair and I have my Grandmother’s. What that really told me was I have fine, thin hair and if I keep taking […]

Ovarian Cancer Testing

I received $150 from AstraZeneca, and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience. This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/AstraZeneca. Losing someone can give you an increased awareness of your mortality. My Grandmother recently passed away, and it’s made me stop and think. While she was in her nineties when […]

Fashionable Fitness Tracker

This post has been sponsored. I am part of the Mira Blogger Panel. How I look is important to me. I’m not vain or obsessed with the latest styles, but when I go out I want to look put together. As I get older, I’ve realized that it’s more important now than ever to pay […]

Tips for Dealing with Pet Allergies

This post is sponsored by Flonase® Allergy Relief We love our three cats but since my daughter and I have pet allergies, there are challenges that come along with owning them. Thankfully, with a few simple changes, it was possible for us to keep our cats and keep our allergies under control as well. Tips […]

Healthy Meal Plans for the Week

One of the most challenging times of the day in my house is dinner time. I’m trying to finish up work for the day. My husband wants my attention. The kids are coming home from work and school. Everyone seems to be in the kitchen wondering what’s for dinner. Sometimes I have no idea. Healthy […]

How to Deal with Anxiety

My life has changed a lot in the past six months or so. The kids are growing up and spending less time here. They’re more independent and don’t always make decisions I’d make. They make mistakes and then have to deal with the results. I can’t fix problems with a lollipop like I did when […]

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