Delicious Raw Garden Vegetable Soup Recipe That’s Paleo

Delicious Raw Garden Soup Recipe That's Paleo

I love garden vegetable soups! Since I generally have way too many vegetables in the garden during the summer, I make vegetable soup during the hottest time of the year. I really don’t want to turn the oven on when it’s this hot so I decided that I would make this raw garden vegetable soup […]

Paleo Frittata Recipe – Tomato Bacon and Fresh Herbs

Paleo Fritfata Recipe - Tomato Bacon and Fresh Herbs

Two things that I always have too much of in the summer are tomatoes and eggs.  I always plant tomatoes in the garden and our chickens are generally laying pretty well by that time.  I decided to try to use up a few of both in this paleo frittata recipe. Some frittata recipes call for […]

Chilled Cucumber Soup with Organic Greek Yogurt

Chilled cucumber soup with organic Greek yogurt

This chilled cucumber soup with organic Greek yogurt recipe is one of the ways I am using up the 8 million cucumbers in my garden. OK, maybe I don’t have 8 million but I am starting to feel like it.  Everyone is tired of cucumbers as the vegetable with every meal and I haven’t had […]

Life, Cooking and HappiMesses

Image credit: Kristen Lesney

Life can be messy. Many of the things in my life that bring back the fondest memories involved me getting messy. I remember finger painting with the kids, learning how to pipe frosting to decorate my daughter’s first birthday cake and playing Hot Wheels in the dirt with my son. I remember fingers sticky with brownie […]

How to Make a Gratitude Journal

How to make a gratitude journal #StreamTeam

I decided to learn how to make a gratitude journal to help remind myself to act with kindness.  I know we all know that’s how we should act but sometimes we get busy, we get stressed, we get overtired or we just don’t think about what we’re saying before we say it. Have you ever […]

Back to School Checklist

Back to school checklist

The kids (finally) go back to school this week!  To say that I’m excited is an understatement. The kids work better with a routine and honestly, working from home is more challenging when your kids are home all day. This is especially true when they are lounging around in the living room (that doubles as […]

Danforth Pewter in Middlebury Vermont

Danforth Pewter Middlebury Vermont

Danforth Pewter is free and open to the public. I was thrilled to receive a personal tour through the facility by the CEO. Thomas Danforth opened the first Danforth pewter workshop in 1755 in colonial Connecticut.  There is even colonial Danforth pewter in the Smithsonian!  For as long back as I can remember, we have had […]

NatureSweet Glorys Homegrown Tomato & Chef’s Challenge

NatureSweet Glorys Homegrown Tomato & Chef's Challenge

I was asked to cover the NatureSweet Glorys Homegrown Tomato & Chef’s Challenge on my blog as a VIP. I received a gift to thank me for my time but the event was open to the public. The NatureSweet Glorys Homegrown Tomato & Chef’s Challenge was held at Price Chopper in South Burlington, Vermont. NatureSweet […]

Back to College Essentials

Back to College Essentials #BritaBackToCollege

This post brought to you by Brita. All opinions are 100% mine. We are just a few days away from both kids going back to school.  I can honestly say that I am in no way finished with getting all the back to college essentials on my list but thankfully I have made a great […]

Hildene in Manchester Vermont

Hildene in Manchester Vermont

My Mom and I took a day trip to Hildene in Manchester Vermont.  Hildene is the family home of Robert Lincoln. Robert Lincoln was the only child of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln to survive to adulthood.  As an adult, he returned to Vermont and purchased 500 acres of land to build what would become […]