National Mutt’s Day – Dog Card

National Mutt's Day Dog Card

Did you know that July 31st is National Mutt’s Day? Well it is.  National Mutt’s Day was created in 2005 as a day to celebrate mixed breed dogs.  Over breeding pedigreed dogs can result in dogs that are not healthy.  They have been “in bred” too much and often have health issues. These are the […]

Identity Theft Protection While Traveling

Preventing identity theft while traveling

Identity theft protection while traveling isn’t something people usually think about as they get their suitcases packed.  I’m more concerned about whether my son has packed clean socks and underwear and whether I should bother packing my swimsuit or not.  Unfortunately, identity theft protection while traveling IS something we need to think about. Identity Theft Protection […]

New England Maple Museum

New England Maple Museum

When my sister and her family came up to visit from Georgia, one of the places I recommended was the New England Maple Museum. I love visiting local attractions and if they are also educational, it’s an even better experience.  Both of my kids had visited the New England Maple Museum when they were in […]

How to Make a Cherry Sauce for Ice Cream

How to make a cherry sauce for ice cream

I’m sharing how to make a cherry sauce for ice cream as a sponsored post with  Check out all the other delicious cherry dessert recipes I’ve found to share with you. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy lots of fruit desserts because so many different types of fruits are in season. We generally […]

Home Office Ideas in Small Spaces

Home office ideas in small spaces

This is a sponsored post. I love working at home but it has challenges too. Some days I fantasize about having an office with lots of space and a door … that locks. Until I do, I have had to be creative when looking for home office ideas in small spaces. My home office is […]

Freshen Indoor Air Naturally – Coffee Tealight DIY


I love being able to freshen indoor air naturally.  I’m not a big fan of all the chemicals and artificial ingredients in many air freshener products. I really don’t want to release those things into the air that the kids and our pets are breathing but there are times that you just need to freshen […]

Blueberry Protein Smoothie with Greek Yogurt

Blueberry Protein Smoothie with Greek Yogurt #StreamTeam

Summer is here but that doesn’t mean we should slack off on healthy eating.  It’s so easy to start the day off with the wrong type of breakfast. I know I’m tempted when I see toaster pastries, donuts and iced coffees on the table at meetings and attractions.  Thankfully, this blueberry protein smoothie with Greek […]

Paleo Cherry Crumble

Paleo Cherry Crumble Recipe

This Paleo Cherry Crumble recipe is just what I’ve been looking for.  I have been craving some sort of healthy dessert and since cherries are just about in season, this is perfect. It can be a real challenge to find paleo desserts. Most desserts in the standard American diet are heavy in carbs, sugar and […]

8 Easy Essential Oil Crafts

8 Easy Essential Oil Crafts

Up until a few years ago, when I needed something, I ran to the store for it. When I had a headache or muscle ache, my first thought was to take an over the counter medication. Sometimes this is necessary but I’ve started thinking about other alternatives first. Easy Essential Oil Crafts Essential oils have […]

How to Make a Stress Ball with Clay for Aromatherapy

How to Make a Stress Ball with Clay for Aromatherapy

Did you ever have one of those days where you just want to smash something?  Maybe your computer is acting up or your neighbor started mowing the lawn at 7am on a Saturday morning? As tempting as it is to totally loose your mind in those situations, it’s sort of frowned upon. I decided that I […]