Caring for a Senior Cat

Caring for a Senior Cat

This post is sponsored by petMD and Arm & Hammer, and the BlogPaws Professional Pet Blogger Network. I am being compensated for helping spread the word about the petMD Cat Care Center, but I only share information I feel is relevant to my readers. Arm & Hammer and petMD are not responsible for the content […]

Saving Money and Eating Healthy

Saving money and eating healthy with Flipp

One of the biggest complaints I hear is that saving money and eating healthy just aren’t possible to do at the same time. I have to disagree.  With a little bit of time and a few tricks, you can certainly eat healthy on a budget. Our food budget is fairly strict. We’re feeding my husband, […]

Grandma’s Iced Rhubarb Tea Recipe

Grandma's Iced Rhubarb Tea Recipe

I love cold drinks during the warmer months but I really try to pay attention to what’s in them. Most of drinks you can buy in the grocery store are loaded with ingredients I can’t pronounce from artificial colors and sweeteners to GMO ingredients I don’t want to eat. While I love making homemade lemonade […]

Tips for Wearing FUTURO™ Graduated Compression Legwear

Relieve tired legs while traveling

I am a compensated 3M-sponsored blogger. Opinions are my own and additional products used int he project were selected by me. One of my favorite times of the day is at night when I put my feet up and relax. Sometimes, I splurge and use one of those foot spas to soothe my tired feet. […]

Yummly Recipes Gluten Free and More

Yummly Recipes Gluten Free and More

I’ve been using Yummly for a while now to help promote my recipes and save recipes that I want to try. If you’re not familiar with Yummly yet, let me introduce you. Yummly is a food site that allows you to search for and save recipes. So, what makes it different than other recipe sites? […]

Washing Machine Cleaning Tips


There is an endless list of things that need to be done around our house. Some of them require outside help like the bathroom remodel we’re having done right now. Some of them are easy things that I can take care of myself, like cleaning the washing machine. Washing Machine Cleaning Tips While I’m far […]

Silhouette Monogram Ideas – Easy Monogram Photo

Silhouette Monogram Ideas - Easy Monogram Photo

A while ago, I created a vanity tray out of a picture frame, some scrapbook paper and some “jewels” from the craft store. I recently replaced the vanity tray with a different one but didn’t want to get rid of the one I made. I really love the colors and accents and it goes well […]

Peanut Butter and Bacon Gluten Free Energy Balls

Peanut Butter and Bacon Gluten Free Energy Balls

Did you ever just need a little something to hold you over until dinner? You know, it’s an hour before dinner time and you’re starting to wonder whether your husband would notice if you stole a piece or two of his dark chocolate bar. When it’s that time at our house for me or the kids, […]

Boston History Sites and Fun Facts

Boston History Sites & Fun Facts

This post has been sponsored and I received an all expense trip to enjoy the sites of Boston. I love learning more about our country’s history. You may have read about my visit to the Shelburne Museum and Hildene here in Vermont.  Well, I recently had the opportunity to visit Boston and learn more about […]

Cranberry Juice Detox Water & Bladder Health

Cranberry Juice Detox Water & Bladder Health

Bladder health is one of those things that I never really gave much thought to when I was younger. I’ve found that you take a lot of things for granted before the age of 35 or so. As I age, I seem to notice more and more things that I’ve never paid attention to before, like […]